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Why The Tealight Corner?

By 9:02 AM

    If you have noticed the name for my business (and blog), you may be wondering, "Why that name?" or "What does that mean?". Glad you asked! Let me tell you.
    It all started in the middle/towards the end of the year of 2014. I was using Pinterest as I always would. I'd pin things that I think were cool or useful. I was also interested in a lot of DIY projects. Well one project in particular stood out to me. It was how to make a tealight mason jar.
    They looked so adorable and easy to make! I thought, I have to try this. Once I did, I was hooked. Ideas ran through my mind of how to make them better. One idea really sparked my interest and was different than all the rest I had seen.
     I came up with the idea of putting charms on my mason jars. Notice the picture below.

    I thought this idea was unique. So I decided I wanted to try and sell them.

    Owning an Etsy shop had been in the back of my mind for quite a while. I just never knew what to sell. This idea gave me the push to try my hand at my own shop. As a result, The Tealight Corner was born. My main focus was creating these mason jars and selling them. 

    After a little while, I did not want to limit myself to just mason jars. So I tried my hand at jewelry. I soon discovered my passion was not in jewelry and that eventually died out. So I tried another venture. Wooden signs. I love(d) making these signs because painting is something I really enjoy doing. 

    The newest thing I have been working on have been printables. These are so fun to make. I've always loved designing things on the computer (I was sort of a computer nerd growing up). So making printables is right up my alley.

    So The Tealight Corner became broader, to where I specialize in home decor. No, I don't just make one thing. But my product line is simple. I want my creations to really add that unique touch to your home. Handmade items are beautiful because they are made by someone who cares. Someone who really pays attention to the details. It's not just items that are mass produced. But made by someone who lives an ordinary life like you.

   So, I hope you enjoyed learning about The Tealight Corner on how it got started and what the name means. Have you created your own business? Or have a desire to? It's so rewarding and such a joy to do!

Lauren :)

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