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All About Printables

By 4:50 PM

Hello All,

   So you may be thinking to yourself, “What is a printable?”. Or, you may be on the other side thinking, “I know all about printables!”. Either way, I wanted to spend a few minutes to discuss printables. Since I have started adding them into my shop, I figured maybe you all would like to know more about them.

   To start off, printables are digital images that you can download onto your computer. Therefore, you can print them from your own computer and put them in a frame of your choice. It makes them completely versatile!

   A bonus to being able to print from home is that you can choose the frame. Instead of spending extra money on a picture inside a frame, you can buy a digital print at a very affordable cost. You may want to splurge on a frame to really make the print stand out and that’s perfectly fine too! It’s all up to you.

   The nice thing about having a downloaded image is that you can print it as many times as you want. You aren’t limited to the times you print it. You buy it, it’s yours for good. You just can’t re-sell the images or change them to create your own, but you knew that already, right? ;)
You may be thinking, what kind of paper do I use? Personally, if I was printing at home I would just use good cardstock paper. They look great on cardstock, and once you place it in a frame, they look even better! You can use photo paper as well if you prefer. Or you can print it at a print shop. Completely up to you!

   Printables are just a fun versatile way to decorate any home. They also make great gifts as well. I also really enjoy creating the images for you guys. In the future, I will probably add some with frames so that you can buy them completely finished. That way, you can have the option of getting it complete and not have to pick out a frame for yourself. If you like that idea, let me know!

   Hopefully this quick note cleared up some questions you may have. If you have anymore, please leave them under the comments section!

Lauren <3

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